IntelliView® Asset Management

Petra's IntelliView® platform enables a dynamic view of all network activity, giving municipalities the ability to instantly:

  • Control lighting behaviors
  • Pinpoint and resolve system failures
  • Plan maintenance for bulb outages and "day burners"
  • Optimize operations and maintenance
  • Meter energy usage
  • Monitor revenue generated from solar power production
  • Manage Security and Wi-Fi applications
Communication Module

The Dashboard for Network Monitoring and Management

The Communication Module is the foundation of the IntelliView platform, providing users with a dashboard view of the communications network. Alerts, performance summaries and mesh networking diagnostics are provided for problem identification and resolution on an exception basis.

The Communication Module allows the user to configure the network for maximal system uptime. Component monitoring at the nodal level allows for efficient reporting or troubleshooting.

The dashboard displays an interactive map for each node in the system so users can visualize network performance. Connection summaries present a graphical representation of network topology to assist with troubleshooting.

Security Module

The Management Dashboard for Sensor and Security applications

The Security Module (SM) provides users with a single dashboard to monitor and manage sensor and security applications. Built on an open and extensible communications platform, the SM enables universal compatibility for integration across security and sensor network assets.

IntelliView — Key Features
  • Remote management of:
    • Smart Lighting Solutions
    • Smart Solar Power Generators
    • Smart Mesh Network including public and private Wi-Fi
    • Security applications
  • Reports on network and system health
  • Management dashboards
  • View historical data enabling:
    • Troubleshooting analysis
    • Trending
    • Forecasting
  • Configurable alerts
  • Branding customization
  • User-level permissions
Hosting Services — Key Features
  • Secure web hosting
  • Data storage
  • Database backup
  • Secure updates and patches
Lighting Module

Remote management for Smart Lighting solutions

The Lighting Module controls when streetlights are turned on and off or dimmed, integrating seamlessly with traditional dusk-dawn sensors. Lights can be managed individually or grouped. Commanded actions can be set to a recurring schedule, on an as-needed basis, or in response to a defined event.

Alerts for bulb outages and day burners reduce the burden on call centers and provide streamlined maintenance. The ability to monitor network performance also enables preventative maintenance, optimizing labor assets.

By metering energy consumption from lighting and energy production from the solar generators, users can access real-time data to quantify savings and revenue generation from the system.

Energy Module

A central view of Smart Solar Power Generators

The Energy Module enables a centralized view of a large, distributed installation base of Smart Solar Power Generators. Network managers can perform remote monitoring, command and control, and reporting of panel-level and total network energy generation.

A dashboard view simplifies network management by plotting energy generation according to geographic locations on a map and providing alerts and performance summaries to troubleshoot performance issues.