Petra's Smart City Solution™ converts streetlights into intelligent pole-mounted devices that combine distributed solar power with smart lighting and communications. This network forms the backbone for Smart City applications, improving public safety while yielding strong project economics and maximizing value.

Energy Efficient, Sustainable, Net Zero Energy Streetlight Networks

  • Reduces municipal streetlighting costs up to 70 percent using smart controls
  • Each solar generator powers four streetlights. A network of 10,000 poles eliminates 7 million pounds of carbon emissions a year, the equivalent of taking 790 vehicles off the road

Self-Fund Smart City Projects

  • Establishes a distributed data and communications network for enhanced security and extended service at little to no cost
  • Allows cities to self-fund Smart City technologies including surveillance, public and private Wi-Fi, electric vehicle charging, emergency response and grid performance monitoring

Strengthen Municipal Resilience

  • Introduces grid-independent communications, a critical asset for responding to emergencies such as earthquakes and extreme weather events
  • Robust and resilient communications and lighting remain active during grid disturbances

Enhance Public Safety

  • Provides public safety personnel with access to real-time information to enhance the quality and speed of their response
  • Customize cameras, sensors and other metering and communication devices to meet your needs

Solution Overview

The SCS Smart Lighting System provides:

Light controller

  • ON/OFF control of streetlights compatible with traditional photo controls (dawn-dusk sensor)
  • Dimming control
  • Three-prong NEMA twist-lock receptacle installation
  • Accepts remote commands to turn ON/OFF and dims light based on schedules
  • Revenue-grade power metering with 1% accuracy

Management system

  • Two-way communications
  • Mesh network formed from SCS Light Controller and SunWave Communicator® (gateway)
  • Gateway connects SCS Light Controller and SunWave systems to IntelliView® management platform

Network communications

  • Secure web-based communications module of Petra's IntelliView® management platform provides luminary and system health status

    • Alerts on bulb outages, day burners, energy consumption data and reports are managed via the IntelliView® Lighting Control System (LCS)
    • ON/OFF dimming actions based on: schedules, luminary groups and events
    • Sunrise/sunset timing
    • Telemetry reporting (kWh), voltage, current, burn hours
    • Failure detection


Power consumption: <2W

AC voltage: 85 V — 264 V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Luminary type compatibility: 0 — 400 Watt fixtures


Luminary integration: New NEMA, ANSI C136.41-2013 standard

Dimensions T x D: 2.5″ x 4.5″

Replacement: Field replaceable

Enclosure rating: NEMA 3R

Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F) ambient

Weight: <0.6 lbs.

Network and Communications

Communication type: RF mesh/PLC

Wireless: 2.4 GHz, 802.11, Wi-Fi

Range: 1,000 ft LOS

Backhaul connection: Wi-Fi

Network security: AES 128

PLC: ANSI/CEA-709.1, LonWorks


Power metering: 1% Revenue-grade per ANSI

Dimming support: Analog 0-10V and PWM + DALI digital

Photo control: Optional

GPS: Optional

Compliance (US)

Safety: UL773, ANSI C136.10

Emissions: FCC class (B) (C) for intentional wireless radiators

Surge: Cat B surge protection in the device, Cat C surge protection in a separate "box" when required

The SCS Intelligent Power Generator includes a high-efficiency solar energy system composed of a PV solar panel, a SunWave™ Inverter, and fully integrated racking and cabling for simplified and secure pole attachment. The Generator communicates with the communications bridge through the AC line by means of a Power Line Communications protocol or PLC, which then connects to the wireless backhaul through a Wi-Fi connection. Managers can view all system data through Petra's IntelliView® Smart Energy Platform for panel level performance intelligence to obtain complete visibility, management and control over the entire distributed solar power plant.

  • Safety — The system is inherently safe with no high voltage DC currents, and automatic shut-off per PV module
  • Performance — Maximize the perforce per PV module
  • Reliability — No single-point of failure
  • Diagnostics — Monitoring, reporting, and control at the PV module level
  • Adaptability — highly flexible and scalable architecture


Operating PV voltage range: 20 V — 60 V

Maximum continuous output power: 240 W

AC output voltage: 240/120 VAC (different SKU#)

AC output frequency: 60 Hz

CEC efficiency: 96.0%

Night-time power: < 100 mW


Panel compatibility: 60 and 72 cell (up to 300 W rating)

Dimensions: 7.2″ x 7.9″ x 1.9″

Replacement: Field replaceable (by qualified service personnel)

Enclosure rating: NEMA 3R

Operating temperature: -40 °C to +65 °C (-40 °F to +149 °F) ambient

Weight: < 3.0 lbs.


Communication: Power line carrier (PLC)

Internal metering: 1% revenue-grade per ANSI

Firmware upgrade: Yes

Diagnostics: Panel health status


Safety: UL1741

Grid connect: IEEE1547

Emissions: FCC class B

Petra's Smart Mesh Network (SMN) consists of an intelligent, self healing mesh network and cloud-based management system that provides monitoring, control and data analytics for SCS network services.

The SMN is compatible with multiple communication protocols to support community, government or public safety entities. With an open architecture and flexible communication interface, the SMN solution allows for simple and flexible integration with existing municipal systems creating a uniform Smart City platform.

Pole to Pole Mesh Communication Architecture

Pole to Pole Mesh Communication Architecture

The Smart Mesh Network is composed of:

  • Multiple Street Level Networks (SLN) that provide connectivity for end devices (SunWave Microinverter, Smart Lighting Controller, other client devices) through a PLC, ZigBee and/or Wi-Fi mesh network
  • An array of Network Communicators (gateways) that provide redundant connectivity between the City Level Network and the Cloud Computing Environment through a cellular or wired (fiber/copper Ethernet) backhaul
  • A City Level Network (CLN) consisting of Wi-Fi mesh points (Smart Mesh Router) that provide city-wide network access
  • A secure Cloud Computing Environment, Network Operations Center (NOC) and suite of remote mobile and desktop applications to access the IntelliView Management System, providing command and control of the entire asset base and delivers real-time analytics and data visualization through an advanced graphical user interface (GUI)

Pole to Pole Power Line Communication Architecture

Pole to Pole Power Line Communication Architecture


Operating Voltage: 100-277Vac

Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Consumption (Max.): 7W (58W with PoE+ option)

Mechanical Specifications

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 65°C

Weight: 10lbs (4.5kg)

Enclosure: NEMA4

Mounting Options: Wood, Metal and Concrete Poles, Wall Mount


Communication: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular, PLC, ZigBee

Management: Local Web Interface, Remote Access

Remote Power Cycle: Standard

System Watchdog: Standard

Extended Storage: Optional

GPS: Optional

Power Over Ethernet: Optional

Compliance: UL/IEC 60950, CSA 2.2, FCC Class B, PTCRB, CE

Standard Warranty: 10 Years Limited

Data Communication Options


Standard: Proprietary, PRIME capable, G3-PLC capable

Range: Up to 20 devices on same circuit


Standard: 802.11s Mesh and 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)

Mesh Type: Self-forming, self-healing mesh network

Range: 1000' line of sight


3G/4G: LTE: 700, 850, 1700, 1900
HSPA+: 800, 850, 1700, 1900
UMTS: 850, 1900
GSM, GPRS, EDGE: 800, 900, 1800, 1900


Standard: ZigbeePRO

Mesh Type: Self-forming, self-healing mesh network

Range: 1000' line of sight


Ports: 2 RJ-45

Standard: IEEE 802.3, 10/100Base-T

Power Over Ethernet (PoE): IEEE 802.3af Type 2 (optional)

Petra's SCS Asset Management Platform (AMP) provides for real time monitoring and management of the entire network. Leveraging IntelliView®, AMP places data for all network assets in the hands of the customer in a simplified and intuitive manner.

AMP provides for continuous performance monitoring of the entire network and distills the critical data points in a useful manner to empower the user to quickly and effectively manage and report high-impact issues across the installation. In addition, AMP measures and meters performance of both the luminary and the solar generator, pinpoints issues, and enables role-based alerting and reporting.

The SCS Asset Management Platform is available as a hosted software system or as a managed service, allowing customers the flexibility to determine and achieve the highest value and the lowest total cost of ownership across their O&M operations.

AMP's modular design creates a platform for additional data-analytic modules, coupling critical network management with Smart City applications.

AMP leverages Petra's IntelliView® platform and is composed of the following solution modules:

  • IntelliView Communication Module (CM)
  • IntelliView Energy Module (EM)
  • IntelliView Lighting Module (LM)


  • Remote management of:
    • Smart Solar Power Generators
    • Smart Lighting Solutions
    • Smart Mesh Network
  • Reports on network and system health
  • Management dashboards
  • View historical data enabling:
    • Troubleshooting analysis
    • Trending
    • Forecasting
  • Configurable alerts
  • Branding customization
  • User-level permissions
  • Secure web hosting
  • Data storage
  • Database backup
  • Secure updates and patches